In collaboration with a top-rated criminal investigation and forensic products supply distributor, Crown Delta has customized an impression material currently being used in crime scene evidence collection and recovery.

Crown Delta’s forensic formulations are a perfect solution for the collection and preservation of trace evidence such as textured surface latent fingerprints, tool marking, bite marks, and postmortem friction ridge detail.

Our product is skin safe and can be used to procure prints off human flesh (live, ante or postmortem) without damage to the skin.

Firearm and toolmark examiners also use our product to record and analyze evidence such as scratches and striations on objects recovered from crime scenes and tool mark impressions from tools used at crimes scenes.

Often used with dual contrast or fluorescent fingerprint powders, our white and black formulations are ideal for lifting latent fingerprints off textured surfaces, while our brown, grey and clear work great for tool mark reproduction and photograph extremely well.

The malleability and flexibility of our product is ideal for hard to lift prints and marks from curved surfaces such as doorknobs or a gun magazine. Forensic professionals have also found the product optimal for lifting and preserving dried blood prints from a crime scene for off-site analysis or courtroom evidence.