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Crown Delta uses Sulzer MIXPAC® Systems for 2-component dental materials. This new generation side-by-side dispensing technology supports a complete range of volumetric and mixing ratios suitable for any procedure. Each system uses a handy and compact dual barrel cartridge that can be securely resealed preventing cross contamination of materials, allowing for high level storage stability of remaining product. The system also includes a fatigue proof dispensing gun or plunger for easy and precise application of material and a variety of specially developed mixing tips for every possible application, consistency and thixotropy.
High Performance Cartridge Systems
Each cartridge system includes a disposable, rigid, plastic container designed to store two components (base and catalyst) separately in a specific volumetric ratio. The outlets of each container are completely separate to prevent cross contamination of the interior contents and can be resealed using the included closure cap. All systems support the dispensing of high viscosity materials.
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Dispensing Guns & Plungers
These environmentally friendly, re-usable plungers and dispensing guns are designed for use with either the Double Syringe System and/or the 2-Component Cartridge System. Both dispensers are ergonomically designed for practitioner comfort, are safe and easy to use and ensure controlled, precise dosing. Dispensing guns have a release lever that coordinates with the plunger to help load and remove the cartridge. The hand held trigger guides the plunger into the cartridge, smoothly moving the material into the mixing tip.
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*Large Cartridge System uses pneumatic table-top mixers (not available through Crown Delta).
Static & Dynamic Mixing Tips
These ultra-high quality static and dynamic mixing tips are disposable plastic nozzles with a series of internal baffles or elements anchored within a plastic tube. As components are forced from the cartridge through the tip, the materials are repeatedly divided and recombined creating a complete and uniform mixture. For each system, there are specific mixers ranging in various sizes and mixing geometries ensuring optimal mixing for every application.
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Accessories: Ribbon Tips, Intra Oral Tips & Pistons
These high quality Intra Oral Tips are for precise flow, allowing for detailed impressions of delicate margins while keeping the material bubble free.

Ribbon Tips are for use with our large 6.5mm purple Static Mixing Tips and dispense a broad 'ribbon' like layer of impression material.

These high quality valve
Pistons create an airtight seal ensuring leakproof performance of the product.
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