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Our Alginate Substitute is an A-silicone replacement for alginates. This product is an ideal product for producing preliminary impressions, orthodontic models and impressions for temporaries.

Packaged in our popular
High Performance Cartridge System this product is extremely user friendly and eliminates the need for mixing messy powders and liquids.
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Our Alginate Substitute can also be poured multiple times, something that cannot be done with commonplace alginates. Crown Delta’s Alginate Substitute precludes the inherent inaccuracies associated with powder and water mixes as it does not need to be poured immediately. Our Alginate Substitute offers excellent dimensional stability and is a great, cost effective offering for any product line.
Crown Delta's seasoned Research and Development Team will work with you to meet specific needs, product attributes, and applications. Our highly trained Technical Staff will then assist with delivery system selection, product labeling, packaging and shipping you may require. We are a full service operation and can advise you with formulation all the way through to the packaging of your product. We offer an extensive range of impression products with a wide variety of custom options to suit all of your needs. Contact us today to get started! CLICK HERE