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In collaboration with a leading international prosthetic and orthotic product distributor Crown Delta has developed a wear resistant, ultra-soft, non-sticky formulation that is suitable for crafting custom duplicate or injectable end pads for artificial limbs.

In most cases, our product is injected into the space where an amputated limb meets prosthesis to provide extra protection against shock and abrasion and adjusts chamber depth which aids in enhanced socket fit at the distal end.
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Our medical formulations can be applied directly to the skin and also used to create ultra-high resolution molds or impressions of body parts from either a patient or donor to construct detailed prosthetic replicas of an appendage or facial attribute.
Crown Delta's seasoned Research and Development Team will work with you to meet specific needs, product attributes, and applications. Our highly trained Technical Staff will then assist with delivery system selection, product labeling, packaging and shipping you may require. We are a full service operation and can advise you with formulation all the way through to the packaging of your product. We offer an extensive range of impression products with a wide variety of custom options to suit all of your needs. Contact us today to get started! CLICK HERE
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