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After years of trying to keep opposing or multiple crowns/veneers on the model with glue sticks, utility wax and petroleum jelly, Stabiliner has come to the rescue and made life at the bench a dream. It is easy to use, does the job and is easy to clean up. This is going to be one of those products that will be known in every lab and dental office as a go to and must have.
David Andrus; CDT, Diamond Dental Studio Inc.
Stabiliner™ – try-in liner for restorations

is a patented, translucent try-in adhesive liner for temporary stabilization of ceramic crowns and veneers. Use of Stabiliner™ during try-in eliminates repetitive on/off placement, enables adjustments to restorations and allows patients to preview fit/esthetics without dislodging restoration(s). Lifts away for easy cleanup. Available in Standard Set or Quick Set.

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